Oda Mae Brown
Portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg (film)

Sharon D. Clarke, Da'Vine Joy Randolph (musical)

Biological statistics
Born November 4, 1954
Age 36
Status Alive
Professional information
Occupation Spiritual advisor/spiritual reader
Relationship information
Relationship Clara and Louise Brown (sisters)
Oda Mae Brown is a main character of the 1990 film Ghost. She is played by Whoopi Goldberg.


Ever since she was a little girl, Oda Mae was told she was a medium by her mother and her grandmother who both could communicate with spirits. Oda Mae never experienced communication with spirits, so she believed that she never even inherited the "gift". Oda Mae then opened up a shop in Brooklyn and posed as a spiritual advisor, even though she had never before connected with the dead.


Oda Mae Brown is a resident of New York City and works as a spiritual advisor out of a storefront seance parlor in Brooklyn. Though she was told as a child that she had "the gift" by her mother and grandmother (who were both able to communicate with the dead), Oda Mae did not actually experience communication with the spirits until she "met" Sam Wheat during a seance for an unrelated client.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Oda Mae is gifted with clairaudience (she can hear the voices of disembodied spirits). She also has the ability to undergo spirit possession and "play host" to a visiting spirit with no apparent harm to her physical body. In her outfit Oda Mae she wearing pink suit with black patterns, pillbox hat with veil, and white gloves.


  • Originally, Whoopi Goldberg was not wanted for this part because she was "too well known". However, Patrick Swayze convinced the producers otherwise because he was an admirer of her.
  • In one part of the movie, Oda Mae gives money to two nuns on the street. Whoopi Goldberg played a nun in the 1992 film Sister Act, followed by its sequel as well.
  • Oda Mae is Bruce Joel Rubin's favorite character out of all the ones he's ever written.